About Imogen Kenrick Glass

Imogen Kenrick is a fused glass artist based in North Norfolk. From her studio, she produces beautiful glass artwork with a particular focus on pieces inspired by the natural world. 

Imogen has had a love of glass fusing for a very long time and after running out of room to store all of her creations in her studio at home, she decided to sell some of them. Following the popularity of her initial pieces, she has been developing new skills and techniques to create ever more intricate and complex works of art.


Everything she creates is designed by her and made entirely by hand which means every piece is unique. This individuality gives all of her artwork a character that really brings them to life.


All of the items that the she creates start out life as a flat sheet of glass. From there she turns them into all sorts of things, from large wavy vases to quirky animal suncatchers.


To turn a flat sheet of glass into a piece of art, each individual part of the finished piece is cut out using specialist cutters and fused in a kiln at up to 850°C for an average of 14 hours before being cold worked using diamond tipped tools to grind and polish the now-fused glass. Most pieces take roughly 22 hours to complete, but the more complicated pieces need several firings in the kiln and more coldworking so can take 40 hours+!